The first year in network marketing is always the hardest!

You might say that the first year in network marketing is the hardest. Why? For most people this new way of working, being your own boss can be the hardest obstacle to over come. For me I didn't mind being my own boss, I had been self employed for a decade, so self motivation wasn't an issue. The biggest challenge for me was getting over the idea that people weren't going to take me seriously! For the best part of 35 years I had been the guy that went to Football on Saturday afternoons. (Nottingham Forest being my poison of choice!) I frequented the gym and on occasions a local public house. So for me the challenge was telling people I had started a new business in the health/nutrition/wellbeing sector. I thought they'd laugh at me or think I'd fallen foul to one of those Pyramid Schemes or Scams. Well, I can happily say that this didn't happen. In fact the first six people I spoke to I actually sponsored into my business!

Me winning recruiter of the month Jan 2011, with managing direstor Bob Parker

Now it is extremely important that you have a supportive up-line. Lots of people can become lost in the first year of network marketing because they do not get the support needed. You need to learn as much as you can from your up-line. This is what I did for the first four months, I practically lived in my sponsors pocket! Within seven weeks I had achieved my first promotion within my company and actually won "Top Recruiter" for Jan 2012. I really started to gain momentum. I attended meetings and training days, my growing team and I went along to the all singing and dancing success days. These spurred me on even more.

I found selling the products my company offered very easy, this was because I'd had some profound results with one in particular, whilst my Nephew had also had dramatic results with a combination of products my company produces. I would talk to people about the products and results and naturally they'd want to know more and became loyal customers.

My income quickly grew, my first year in network marketing was looking promising. In May 2012 I gave my part time managerial role up to allow me to spend more time with the family and time to focus more on my business. Everything was going to plan..............

Then the wall hit me!

A massive problem was beginning to surface and I was still in my first year of network marketing. My team were not doing the same as me. They were not sponsoring like I was, and they were not building their customer base like I was. You see I had found the process of talking to people quite easy, I guess it's what a coach or teacher is quite good at. However, the plumber, nurse, check-out assistant , etc., etc., were not as adept in the art of conversation. They didn't have the "people skills" required. This became more and more of a problem and soon many team members had ceased any activity.

My up-line tried doing specific training with them but sure enough my teams activity went south.

So how did my fist year in network marketing end up? Well, your looking at it!! I did my research, became a student of sorts and took my business online. This act alone has turned my fortunes around. I always believed that network marketing as a model worked, the only problem was, offline only certain types of people could succeed. Online however anyone can! When I first started the online side of my business I couldn't attach a file to an e-mail! I have now developed a system that delivers. I can build high ranking websites, but more importantly I can teach my team how to do all of this. My team is learning how to generate their own leads without having to speak directly to people they know, never mind approaching people they don't know. The sales skills required are next to non, and duplication (the life blood to any business) is something that occurs with regularity. Armed with this knowledge I aim to make every new team member have a first year in network marketing to remember for all the right reasons.

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